Nightlife & Bars

An ordinary week in Budapest

It all starts on Monday. Mondays are despised by all. If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Budapest is the city that never stops partying. Here’s the proof…

The regular Monday night event “ChIllegal” provides irregular DJ sessions and of course discounts on shots on three different floors.

Make Tuesday your night in by going out to BlackPool. The undersized bar and the dimly lit space with its TVs, pool tables and darts will make you and your friends feel as if you were pre-gaming at home. Too boyish? Dump the guys and hit the sub’, girls, to a world of biscuits and pink at La Delizia .

The pivot of the week is Wednesday; since you can already feel the weekend approaching the only thing you need to tilt is some good old rock music. If you want something more local than Hard Rock Café Budapest, check in to our Old Man’s Dinner and drinks with 100% live rock and roll from professionals and talented amateurs.

Thursday is basically Friday so how about some cocktails? There’s a cellar in the city full of Cuban communist props with over a 100 cocktail recipes, 52 kinds of rum and 22 kinds of vodka. So think further than G&T’s and Cosmopolitans and let yourself be guided by the boys and girl of Rumba Mama. Allow them to unleash their creativity and be not surprised if next time you return, the bartenders will still remember your name and what you drank.

There is a time and a place to be a geek: Friday at the Comics Shottail Bar .So choose your superhero or your favourite super villain off the menu and find out what makes Captain America so strong and what’s behind Lex Luthor’s evil (absinth). Also watch out for a real-life Wonder Woman offering you free drinks. SUPERHEROES ONLY!

On Saturday, suit up and get down! The Moulin Rouge in motion since 1898 in the centre of Budapest Broadway can be better described as a music theatre offering a wide variety of pop, rock, funky, 80’s disco, R’n’B and house music matched in an interior of the passé with gold, bourdon velvet.

Even the people of Budapest take a rest on a Sunday… preferably on cushions or bean bags with a cup of tea in their hands and with no shoes on their feet. Refresh your system with tea or a session at the oxygen bar at the Red Lion Teahouse.Finally, just sit back, relax and realise that next week is going to be just another ordinary week in Budapest.

Ruin Pubs

The phenomena known as ruin pubs have taken over the nightlife of Budapest a few years back, and established a pattern for success. Nonetheless, worn-down pieces of furniture, psychedelic interiors, and a bunch of hipsters are not enough to create a popular spot, a certain kind of charm is also needed. As for the best ruin pubs of Budapest, this essential charm changes from venue to venue, and guarantees an enviable assortment. If you feel baffled by the variety, and can’t make up your mind, just take the plunge into the deep.


Anker’t, the summer version of Anker Klub, is the largest garden bar in downtown Budapest. Housed by the enormous building of a former factory, it is characterized by a minimalist interior, and is made up of huge, connecting courtyards. The first courtyard gives home to a mile-long counter suited for socializing and crowdscanning, and also a separated dance floor to do the moonwalk like Michael Jackson.

Szimpla Kert, situated in Kazinczy utca, one of the busiest party streets of downtown Budapest, is the mother of all ruin pubs. The interior, courtesy of contemporary artists, looks like as if it was put together from the selection of a second hand shop selling electronic devices, prehistoric toys, old bikes, and even vintage Russian cars. Szimpla’s crowd is mostly made up of foreigners, although Hungarians also frequent the place due to the diverse selection of concerts.

Instant Located in Nagymező utca – also known as the Broadway of Pest -, a beloved spot of party animals, Instant is a TRex-sized ruin pub complex occupying a whole building. The thematized dance floors guarantee that you will find the songs you’d like to shake it to like a Polaroid picture, while multiple counters and an awesome crowd ensure that you won’t leave either sober or before sunrise